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Matthew Porter


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Posted:Greetings HOP, my name is matt and I am an amateur fire breather. By amateur I mean that I haven't starting using real fuel(I heard paraffin is the best choice) I practice with water and cornstarch. im reaching out to HOP because im looking for a professional who won't mind having an apprentice or student. I feel like I should be trained before switching to the real fuel . I fully understand the risks associated with this ancient art. I live in the GTA Canada. :devil: :devil:

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Posted:Have you read this Fire Breathing already?

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Matthew Porter


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Posted:Hey Malcolm thanks for the reply, yes I have read this and many other articles on fire breathing. however I have never met a professional fire breather and from what I hear, I should be trained by a professional.


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is the best known in toronto i think, not sure if he teaches but even if he doesnt, he should be able to point in the right direction

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