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Forums > Social Chat > Built a friend an LED staff, What are your thoughts?

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Posted:So a friend wanted a staff for stilt walking that would draw some attention and this is what I came up with. It has a 4400mah 9 cell 11.1v li-ion pack, 1800 individual led's and is 72" long. I also built it extra strong since its for safety while on stilts in public at events so it has a 1/8" thick polycarbonate outside sheath. It has the typical controller so you can have it strobe or pick a color, but with 1800 led's the run time at full brightness is ~2.5 hours, 3-3.5 if done in secessions not a straight run.

Apparently I have a 0 Byte limit so Photobucket links will have to work...


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Posted:picture links got screwed up somehow (guessing you copied the 'forum bbcode' bit? its easier to right click and choose 'copy link location')


now onto the staff;....im jealous haha. i was planning on making an LED staff soon and even my vision of what i think mine will look isnt even 1% of the quality of that. out of interest how much did it cost and how long did it take to build?

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Member Since: 23rd Jul 2014
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Posted:Thx for the link fix, odd it showed it working when I clicked preview post... hmmm... Well If I had all the parts I could build it in a day without issue, cost wise would depend on the quality I put into it. I could go super cheap and just make it work and spend about $100, or I could go good quality and spend about $150 or high at ~$200.


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Posted:This staff is super awesome! This is the level of brightness I have been wanting to make.

Do you think I could get some instructions and list of materials to make my own? <3