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Posted:Hey there, I'm looking for people around the Seattle area to join me in Glowstringing/Poi of any form down at Gasworks Park. I'm going down tonight and tomorrow around 5-5:30 so be there or be square. I'm looking to start doing this regularly so I hope I can see a few more people out there with me. Keep spinning guys.

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Posted:Just wondering if you have found people over in gasworks park yet? I'm over in Redmond but would like to meet up with other like minded individuals when it comes to poi. We should set something up if you are interested. I've spun for 2 years but still think I've got a lot to learn. Just did fire poi last night for the first time. It was amazing.


Posted:Hey! There are so many Seattle spinners!! On facebook, check out the group Seattle Fire and Skill Toy Performers. That will cue you in to a lot of the events that happen. In general, there is a spin jam every Saturday from 3-5, currently held at Cal Anderson Park and once the weather turns (which is hopefully far from now!) it moves to Dance Underground on Capitol Hill, which is a dance studio. SUPER great to have all those mirrors to see how you look and lots of really friendly people who have all levels of expertise: First timers all the way to people who have performed professionally for years. In general there are also people who spin fire every other Wednesday at Gasworks Park once the sun goes down. I believe they have fuel but you can/should bring your own as well and/or donate.

Have fun!


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