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Posted:this hasn't happened to me *yet* while it's on fire. but while practicing with the fire poi, i got nailed in the eye. and i collapsed on the floor because it was so painful.

has this happened to anyone while it's lit? and if so, what happened? were you okay? any injuries?

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Posted:not with poi (i have the chain short enough not to go to close to my face lol) but towards the end of the final rehearsal before my first paid gig i caught myself in the eye pretty badly, surprisingly it didnt hurt much but within 5mins my eyelid had swollen up enough to be difficult to see and i have been told since then that there is a good chance what i thought was a small cut mightve been more severe but the firehead had likely cauterized it just as soon as it had happened
difficult to see the end up but this is the eye a few days later

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Posted:Yes, happened to me.
Luckily the eyelid is faster than you can possibly think and I do were a lenses so even I hit right into the eye the lens was a bit "dirty" otherwise was not that direct hit.
I ve hit my self with a knob as well..since my knob weights over 50g it was straight hit and I went onto the floor...
no long term injuries though
keep spinning


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Posted:It hasn't happened to me with fire, but I HAVE hit myself in many places with my staff. Far more than I can count. I'm hoping that I can learn to minimize the hitting before I add fire. Because I don't feel like catching flame.


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Posted:my first month learning staff I wore my safety glasses all the time (to protect both my eyes and my contact lenses), 'caught a couple to the face, a couple do the bill of a visor I was wearing in the sun ... luckily those days are behind me now :P

I can already tell it'll be even more necessary for poi, though.


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Posted:laugh3 YUP! back when i was a noob, & used kerosene to spin, i copped a direct hit to the eye! eek not fun. eye full of kero, burnt off half my eyebrow, & burnt my eyelashes! luckily i had a bottle of water with me, so i rinsed my face off with that, & didn't have any lasting issues (aside from the bald eyes & weird burnt-lash-bulb-ends!) tongue2 i don't recommend trying it for yourself!! lol2

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