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Posted:I have a set of cathedral heads on regular steel chain w/ leather fingerloops. I was looking to upgrade my chain to black oval-twists.

But heres my question: Is it possible to affix PX3 Knobs to chain? Or am I stuck with the silicon ball grips?

Made an acct. just for this, I searched and found nothing, thanks for your help in advance.

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Posted:If you want a direct connection from chain to PX3 knob, you can drill/cut the hole in the PX3 knob wide enough to accept the chain, and then attach a small-ish fishing split ring once you feed the chain through. So long as the chain and the hole is smaller than the ring it ought to hold fine, but you could probably increase reliability by filling the knob with glue/resin.

The method I prefer is to attach a short length of colecord/paracord (or any other cord I guess) to the chain, or a ring or swivel on the end of the chain, so that you have a short section of soft cord between the chain and the PX3 knob. Personally I prefer this sort of setup for chain tethers at the moment.

I realise this isn't a particularly clear or eloquent answer, so a few pictures of the second option:

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