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Member Since: 24th Feb 2012
Total posts: 2
Posted:Just moved to Denver a few days ago. I started spinning poi in 2005 and fire in 2007. I also fire breath. Looking for other poi/fire spinners in the area. Hope to meet you soon!


Member Since: 16th May 2013
Total posts: 1
Posted:Hey! I'll be moving up to Denver on the 9th and then up to Boulder a couple days later. Flick me an email on nick_ducker@live.com!


Member Since: 30th Aug 2014
Total posts: 2
Posted:I'm not sure if my last post went through...but I'm interested in starting poi training again as mine is really rusty and I have a flatmate, and a rockbed that doesn't care what we light on fire (save the surrounding neighborhood). Contact meat aindreas.dounyng@outlook.com or find my on FB at Aindreas Dounyng OR The Wandering Swordsman.


Member Since: 23rd Nov 2011
Total posts: 16
Posted:hello i be happy to teach you anytime i am around denver metro