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Posted:This year is our local areas 4th annual Renaissance festival, and this year i will be taking part in the Gypsy encampment. not wanting to spend the weekend just hanging out looking cute in a costume i decided to pick up Poi spinning and Flow Wand as a hobby. well Diy Poi isn't a problem im comfy with my Sock Poi for now. but the Flow Wand has me perplexed.. im using a 5/8 inch dowel rod approximately 27 inches long. i drilled a hole 1/4" up from center balance and it had to much lean to it so i went up another 1/4", now the lean is good but it isn't wanting to spin, it is wanting to seesaw between the threads. my balanced and re strung.question is does it actually need to be weighted slightly on one end and rebalanced etc. I am being overly cheap at the moment because i don't want to shell out 25-50 bucks for a levistick/flowwand at the moment just to practice with.if im comfy with th cheap practice stuff by august i will buy good stuff before my event in October. any Levi Stick Flow Wand diy tips...

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Posted:My understanding was that they're weighted on one end, iirc.

Video here might help?

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Posted:From my experience, you want the hole that the string passes through to be just about a quarter of an inch off of center. The longer end will be the bottom.

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Posted:I would steer clear of DIY projects when it comes to Flow Wands. It's very tricky to get the kinetics balanced evenly. Might as well invest in a good quality flow toy. I've used them at Renaissance fairs several times - that would be perfect for your gypsy camp ;)