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Forums > Technical Discussion > Fire snakes tipped with monkey fist?

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Posted:A friend told me that he had seen some fire snakes that were tipped with monkey fist knots for sale online, but cannot remember where. I would very much like to own these! has anyone seen anything like this for sale?

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Posted:had a look about as this sounds awesome but this is all i could find -the knot at the end isnt really a monkey fist but it is larger than most snake poi ive seen


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Posted:www.bearclawmanufacturing.com has something they call "Helix Poi" which appear to be woven snakes but they have a ball chain running down the length of the wick which is kind of unappealing. Hopefully the people at salza get back to me about custom snakes.


Posted:Well, hopefully I can get them custom!



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The fire snakes I have been making over the years consist of kevlar flat wick wrapped around a chain core, and then stitched, I usually leave one link exposed from the end of the snake to allow the attachment of various poi heads should people wish to, or poi heads can be incorporated into the design itself, allowing for multiple burners to be positioned up the snake itself.


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Posted:Might be worth asking around in your local spinning community about prop makers. Most peeps who just make props on the side (no website or anything, usually), will be happy to talk about building a custom prop, in my experience.

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