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Posted:I'v looked through the questions and answers in regards to blisters but they all seam to be about poi spinning.. I'm wondering about fire fan spinning.. I just purchased a set of the large lotus fire fans from house of poi and am a beginner.. I'm not sure if the design has something to do with it or if It's the mere fact that I have virgin hands.. I would like to practice often so any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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Posted:fingerless gloves has been recommended to reduce getting blisters (and allow current blisters to heal) while maintaining grip, though tbh im one of those people who think getting a few blisters to toughen up your hands is a good idea

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Posted:I'm not a fan spinner myself, but I've heard other people have used plain old wire hangers as practice sets. Maybe give a day or two in between using your actual fans to give your hands a chance to heal up, meanwhile, try using hangers to work on technical moves, maybe? Not really sure if that would be helpful, but thought I'd throw it out there just in case.





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Posted:Also not a fan spinner, but whenever I get bad blisters that get in the way I wear gloves till they heal. It prevents infections and such, but allows your skin to toughen up a bit and get used to spinning.
The coat hanger idea seems a good plan too ^~^


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