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Posted:It was a pretty good time. It was a pretty secluded park on a side-road in town and after 9 pm so not many people were around. It was just my fiance, friend, and me. A few kids on bikes came to the park and were riding around though. Younger kids..couldn't be older than 13. They seemed really interested in what we were doing and it felt really natural to talk to them a little bit.. I usually don't spin around people (mostly in my backyard) and being in a park where young kids showed up at the same time would normally feel weird having a conversation (and look weird to passersby)....

They asked a bunch of questions and I gave em answers. Mostly simple what we were doing and what it was. Told them to try it out with long socks and tennis balls because that's how i started. Answering didn't feel as weird as I thought because..well..its not like we were hiding anything. We were playing with lights...not hiding in the dark

I wonder if any of them will give it a shot. Either was a good night and I just felt like sharing!

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