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Posted:Hey all,

First post here and the first thing that I have to say is that although I am new...this seems to be one of the best communities out there. In all my time searching around online I haven't seen anything negative (EVEN ON YOUTUBE VIDEOS...which I think truly says something, lol).

So begins the story of how I got into poi and where I am now:

Anyway, I started spinning about 3-4 months ago..but I just played around reallllllly casually and pretty much only learned the 2-beat weave and the butterfly. I picked up a pair of podpoi cause I had some spare cash laying around and showed them to my fiancée brother. He immediately needed a pair of his own which I got for him for Christmas (he said he uses them more than his PS4 which he also got for Christmas, which made me feel all warm and fuzzy and whatnot).

Well, he came home from school two weeks ago and he knew so much stuff comparatively to what I thought I could do. As I said I really only knew the 2 beat weave and butterfly and didn't know what their names were. What I had been doing more-so was getting control of speeding up and slowing down the poi. The amount of stuff he knew lit a fire inside of me. I've spent the last week spinning for 3-6 hours every day. Every time I learn something new or finally get the ability to link things together it gives me what I can only describe as one of the most personally rewarding feelings that I have ever had.

At this point, I've got a pretty good handle on:
3 beat weaves (forwards and backwards)
Butterfly (regular and reverse) with the ability to do them both behind my head
Turning with reels (including turning with them during 3 beat weaves)
One handed butterfly
TTN Butterfly (backwards is a little rough though. I can do it but mostly only when I'm solely practicing that move)

I'm currently working on planes and my short term goal there is to be able to do wrist wraps. That's the move I am most excited for at the moment, however when I spin same time wall-plane...I tend to get really crooked planes. I'm working on a few exercises to correct that.

So yeah, I sorta rambled there, but I am looking to find people to spin with. My fiancées brother is in school in Virginia and that leaves me pretty much flying solo (although my fiancée sees how happy it makes me and I think she's started to get interested. She's got 3 beat weave and backwards 2 beat weave down...and were ordering her a levitation wand today!)

[color:#3333FF]If you are from the NJ area, toss a post in here and maybe we can exchange information and hang out...or even just talk for a while about poi if hanging out with a stranger gives you the creeps, lol. It doesn't matter to me if you are just starting or a grand master...I just want someone to flow with and to exchange ideas/troubles/suggestions.[/color]

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Posted:Sorry for the double post..idk if that's a frowned upon thing here but I spent tonight chaining all my moves together instead of trying toy learn new ones..and surprised myself how far I've come in just a week of actual practice.
Feeling so happy!

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