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Posted:Hi. I live in Blackpool in the North West of the UK and suprisingly, I've not been able to find any spin groups/courses in the North west, and it's not through lack of trying. I found a thread on here for Manchester Spinners but it was years old, I also contacted someone who had a website for courses in Manchester, but I think that's out of date too as i've contacted him twice and had no response. I've also joined a poi page on FB in the hope that someone would help there but again, i've had no luck, all the spinners seem to be based in London. I've been teaching myself the basics via youtube but it's no fun on my own, I really want to find spinners who I can learn from so If anyone can help then i would be very grateful as i'm starting to lose heart, the North West can't be void of spinners surely? Thank you.

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Posted:Check your messages!!! Lol would love to spin with you! Never loose heart girl!



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Posted:There's loads of us in Manchester:


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