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Posted:Hey Jugglers and Spinner

I have just moved to Auckland to go to The University of Auckland and I was wondering if there are any social meet-up's for fire/non-fire jugglers and spinners in the area?

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jeff robinson
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jeff robinson

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this is the auckland fire group, i am not from auckland but i think they meet up weekly, look out for a lovely lady called emma squekus smile


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Posted:Jeff is right, weekly meets are on Tuesdays, from sunset, at Tahaki Reserve (bottom of Mt Eden, by Mt Eden Rd). Join up at the facebook group and ask to be added to the text notification list. This is the main organised group of circus peeps, and they sometimes arrange Playdays in a [ark somewhere during the day. But The Blingling Bros and oldies like me are out there doing more casual stuff too.

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Posted:Thanks heaps guys, I made a request to join the group 5 days ago but I have yet to be approved.
I am really in it just for fun- and I would love to meet new people and learn new moves. A nice way to relax from hours required by my biomedical science degree grin