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Posted:OMG I am new to poi, and I made some sock poi untill my stuff arrives from Home of Poi
giggles, I wacked myself some good walups I thought I was going to have a goose egg on my forehead lol. Another thing I found I spin really fast. I recorded my self and it looked like I was playing with flags I need to some how learn to slow it down. Any thoughts?

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Posted:heya muffin.

one thing that can be a big help with speed (was for me anyway) is practicing with one poi at a time. when i was learning i found i was often spinning really fast because i didn't know what else to do. try using one at a time and really focus on the shapes your making--the focus will probably slow you down naturally.

when each hand gets a little more comfortable, it'll make going a bit slower a little more natural. then you can save the goose eggs for special occasions!



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Posted:yeah, most beginners spin really fast. I'm not actually that sure why????

Maybe because it is easier to keep the poi in a plane if you do. As a beginner, you do not have much plane control so spinning slower and holding your planes would be more difficult.

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Posted:when i first got handed a pair of poi my mate teaching me said "hit yourself with them first, get used to that as you'll do it a lot". he was right, but it shouldnt take long to either stop hitting yourself or get used to the hits (...with the exception of nutshots. i dont know anyone who could get used to that lol)

as for speed, its the same for most beginners; the 2 methods i found works in slowing down is either really focusing on it (see what the minimal effort is you need to put in for it to do 1 spin then try to spin constantly at that speed for a few mins) or use longer poi (a physics student told me that technically longer poi spin faster but because theyre further away from the fulcrum -your hand- they look/feel like theyre spinning slower). the other option is to just accept the speed, it might make learning new tricks a bit harder but it can be part of your own personal style of spinning smile

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Posted:Thank you all I'm female so crotch shots don't hurt that bad but can imagine they would if I was male. You nailed it on the focassing more, I am a verry hyper person, need to lay off the coffee, and calm my energy down. I really ♥♥♥♥ spinning & When I found poi I remembered the days of my childhood of twirling a baton, & a baton with ribbon, it seems I understood it better as a child then now, chuckles. My grandfather worked as a carnie this is in my blood, for my father likes to tell jokes and make every feel happy, he'd be like the ring leader in a circus, and I am the poi dancer. I am in my glory.