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Posted:Hey guys, moving to london at the start of march after 4 years of little poi activity in Glasgow I want to shake off the cobwebs, hang with other spinners and improve my dormant skills

Are there any poi meet ups in the west of London? Found perfect circle meet ups but they don't start until spring this year ( no specific date) and don't really want to sign up for classes as I can do 90% of the moves listed in class specifics

So are there any regular park gatherings or spaces where I can bounce my technical problems and ideas around?

Cheers for responses in advance

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Spinning@ is a London-based group who meet on tuesdays (6.30-10pm) at

The Rag Factory
Heneage street (just off of brick lane)
E1 5LJ

It's between Whitechapel and Aldgate East underground stations. Not quite West London, more on the Eastern side of Central London... but I've met the people from there and they are pretty awesome

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Posted:Hi all I'm coming down to London in the 26th for a couple of days and would like to meet some spinners for casual spinning and maybe nick some techniques from you guys!!

I'll be staying around Kingston upon thames and will communicate more on here via Pm!

Cheers!! =]

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