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Posted:Check out impressive fan dancer Angelica Faith!

In the amber glow of firelight, dancer Angelica captivates audiences with a blend of refined technique, sensual moves, and passionate storytelling. Skillfully wielding fire fans, balancing bowl, palm torches, fire staff, double staffs, and spinning wands, her performance is versatile and exciting. Her talent for choreography sets her apart, as she utilizes a unique combination of tools, dynamic music styles, and an array of dance influences. Vibrant, thrilling, and enchanting, Angelica's performance will dazzle a variety of venues; ever resourceful, she can adapt her show to be fire-free for indoor performances.

If you like what she's doing, you can help support her on Patreon, or like and share her page on Facebook. Thank you for your time!

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Posted:Hello Gypsylady,

I am not sure if you are Angelica Faith or if you are telling us about her.

If you are Angelica Faith... Welcome to HOP! I hope you find the forums most informative, and that you join in the fun we all have around here.

If you are not Angelica Faith, (well even if you are...) Advertising is not permitted on the HOP forums.

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