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Farmer Poi
Location: Brazil

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Posted:Hey guys, im new to HoP, but so far im loving the site and particularly the forums.

I wanted to find out if there are other Brazilian Spinners here who would like to meet & play a bit. It feels like poi is way too rare here (a crime!)-

I live in Itamonte, MG- but am currently traveling around the MG/SP/RJ area taking some courses in permaculture and doing volunteer work... Nothing would make this time more fun than finding a few fellow spinners along the way.

i started spinning in 2008 as a way to get myself out of a bit of a rut- but ive been taking it more seriously for only about a year now, geting into some contact / throw variations.
Poi has been a huge positive influence in my life, and i think that if there was a troupe doing it on the street (occupoi brazil anyone?) it would really start spreading and becoming more popular here.

"...It's worth it, to get to spend my life doing what makes me happy and sharing something real with people, in the midst of all the falseness around."

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Posted:Hey, if you read it. I'm a german Poi Spinner and I'll spend two more Weeks in the Sao Paulo Area. Maybe your up to meet me.



I'm in Brazil until end of january. I'm located in Cotia, Sao Paulo and I'm always down for a spin.



Posted:Sorry I am Back in Europe! May next time (if there is one)


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