Hey there - Been spinning Poi at while now. Shooting a fire promo with a local videographer soon, and wanting to learn how to create the a fire circle around me as I spin, seen a few Youtube videos - I understand that the circle is drawn with fuel pre-spin and then lit during spinning, but not sure which fuel is used? Also the same for creating a trail on either side of me below the spinning planes, back to the future style?

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Burning circle of flames on the ground? Here in Australia I've heard people refer to it as a crop circle (because you'll kill grass and leave a little burnt circle around you). As far as I'm aware, you will need a set of fire poi, preferably either round or cylindrical, and a set of swivels on the chain - either at the wick or handle end to allow the poi to spin. Pre-burn, soak in fuel, do not shake, spin or drain off excess fuel, just light up the poi. Then just set them down on the ground either side and whip them around in a circle, forcing them to roll across the ground. This should get them to spin fast enough to throw fuel off the wicks, similar to how staff burnoffs work. It'll also leave a trail of flames around you if there's enough fuel on your wicks. Naturally, don't do it on grass, probably shouldn't do it on sand either unless you don't mind your wicks being full of sand. Probably also will cause quite a bit of wear and tear on your wicks over time I reckon.

Straight lines of flames are done similarly, but without touching the wicks to the ground. As per before, light your wicks without draining off any excess, but this time instead of rolling them on the ground, hold them out to either side and spin them quickly, with the poi path coming close to the ground. Basically, it'll flick off the excess burning fuel onto the ground in a line where the planes of your poi intersect with the ground.

Naturally, you're effectively spraying fuel everywhere while waving around burning objects, so do this at your own risk, make sure to have someone on fire safety and that they know what you're gonna be doing in advance. Also probably a good idea to ask around with your local peeps, because as with everything it's easier to learn from someone in person.

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