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Posted:Hey Guys!

I've been spinning Poi for a good year and have gotten myself a good base of moves and techniques. Yet recently I have been interested in the idea of picking up Contact Staff,
to explore another style of flow. I have a couple questions regarding the purchasing of a contact staff:

1) What size is preferable for contact spinning? (considering I am 6 foot 1)
2) Would you guys have any staffs to recommend me?
3) What should I expect shipping time wise?

thanks for the support!
Cheers from Montreal, Canada!

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Posted:for spinning staff the recommended length is from the bottom of your chin to the top of your foot or to the floor (or somewhere in between, usually theres about 2 inches difference so its not much to worry about)

my personal preference for staff has been fibre3 Fire Staff from, the weight on them is perfect and the cushion grip handle is ideal for me (the other handle option is a silicon grip, my only reason not choosing this is it can be a little too grippy and if paraffin gets on it then its a bit difficult to get it off completely). also i decided from the outset to get a Firestaff over a practice staff simply because i can use the Firestaff to practice with when not lit anyway
if you choose an Led Staff then be careful of the travel ones (that you can break down into 3 or 5 pieces) as i know a few people who have had them break and become unusable.i havnt met anyone with a travel Firestaff so dont know if the same issue affects them

my first staff i got within a week, the second i got 2days after ordering it. i did have to send back the 2nd staff due to a slight defect in it but the return time was 10days from me sending the defected one away. (these were done at standard shipping rate, roughly £4.50 and they covered the shipping on the defected staff)

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