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Posted:hello, I found this site while researching online and I feel like this community would have some good information.
Well im trying to create some fire gloves for a costume. The only portion that will have fuel on it/intended to be a flame is the backhand/ knuckles area. But I do not want to have to be using gel or temporary fire retardants, more permanent fire proofing methods would be better.
I have some ideas but im not quite sure the best approach in terms of fire proofing and fuel option.

I was thinking some fire resistant nomax or Kevlar gloves wrapped in a some strips of again nomax/Kevlar cloth treated in fire retardant spray.
as for fuel, it seems kerosene, colemans campfire fuel (which is naptha right?) or a 50/50 mix of isopropyl alcohol and water will do the trick as they all have lower burning temperatures.
I don't want to have a fuel reservoir, like cotton strands, due to risk of burning. For the effect I desire, I only need about 5-10 seconds of burn time.
any help would be appreciated thank you

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