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Posted:Dear community,

some of you may already know Spark! Circus, a project for Burmese refugee children in Thailand. Although the application deadline for 2014 is already over, I would like you to read this post and help us. I asked Chris from Home Of Poi and he recommended to start a thread in this forum, so here it is!

About Spark: We are a group of about 25 circus performers (artists, fire spinners, jugglers, clowns...) we are going to visit refugee camps and orphanages in Thailand. There we are going to set up some amazing, theme-related theatre plays, shows, workshops and much more for the children.

Of course we also want to leave more behind than precious memories. This is why every camp will receive a play kit with circus toys, materials for handcrafting, everyday objects and more. We are partly going to pay for the children's meals, have travel expenses and living costs and of course expenses for the shows.

Therefore I started a small crowdfunding campaign which I would love you to support. I thought of some really nice perks for you, so check it out on igg.me/at/leylaspark.
You can also find more information on the project in the campaign itself.

Further information is available on sparkcircus.org - especially for those who are interested in going to Thailand with the circus next year! I am so exited about our project :)

Please also help to spread the word about the Spark! Circus project and the campaign. If some of you have already been there, feel free to tell your story - and of course feel free to ask me anything about it if you haven't!

Love & Light

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