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Posted:Hey everyone!
Im not sure if im the only one thats encountered this problem so far but every time i proceed with my cart and click "Pay with credit card" or ANY of the options in the payment screen it just re directs me to HoP's shop page and nothing happens...

Every time, not sure whats up but id really like to sort this out asap as im buying my items for a video assignment im doing.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Kombi guy
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Kombi guy

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Posted:Hi James, many thanks for letting us know and Yes saw this issue first thing this morning, rest assured should be all fixed now as we are working on it, a little teething issue since the new site went live but feel free to try again whenever you wish now and all should go through fine :-)

Happy spinning


Posted:Sweet thanks, bought my stuff yesterday lunch and its already been sent off to me :)