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Posted:Hey fellow fire spinners,

I wanted to share with you can experience that has become a bit of a phenomenon in my life. The experience is meeting other fire spinners, and/or glow spinners when going out. When I started I would often find an EDM venue to spin a glow sticks around. When Id find others, who came to the venue with the same intentions, it would just make my night. I eventually moved away from the city I started spinning Poi at, and practiced on my own. After a few years, I became a little less interested in Glow Poi, and started spinning fire exclusively.

(I guess it wasnt enough to have a ball hit me in the face occasionally, I had to set that b**** on fire as well. I dont understand my own logic either)

So this summer, I decided to just haul some fuel and Poi when I returned to visit my old city. I never spun fire alone; in fact I seemed to have more company with fire than glow. I was approached one performer from Sweden who was just amazing! (Check Day 2 video below ) Have any one ever had this happen to them? I find this is the only way I can meet other Burners.
Thanks for reading! ;D

watch at around 1:22 to see the performer I mentioned.

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