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Fonky Pierr


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Posted:Hi, i'm pretty new in here :blush:

I'm used to spin poi and staves for some time and i wanted to try fans.

I bought medium lotus fans from HoP and well they're beautiful, no problem with them except that i don't really know how to spin them correctly because they don't have the little ring for the thumb to make it spin easily...

So i have some trouble doing 3beat waves and stuff, i was wondering if some people got them and have siome tips for spinning them correctly ?

Thank you for your help ;)

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Posted:Hi Fonky

I'm sort of in the same boat so I don't have a lot to offer at this point but I definitely DO recommend the following HOP vids:
Jeff starts with the basic grips with the new HOP lotus fans and moves on to some shapes from there. I think it's more about using the whole hand for a bigger spin and using your thumb for leverage.

Will definitely be interested in hearing about your progress...

Good luck and happy fanning :)


Fonky Pierr


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Posted:Thanks a lot, i'm glad there are some tutorials with these fans !
I'll check on that and try to improve these spins :)


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