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Forums > Technical Discussion > PX3 knob weight for contact poi?

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Posted:So I have just made my first set of contact poi, and I'm wondering what a good weight for my PX3s would be so i can start learning contact moves with more ease(weight in number of washers please smile ) I used the 80mm Mister Babache stage balls which are 145g. Also I used the 6mm nylon rope, which is a little stiffer than I'm used to. Will it break in with time?? Or would i be better off using something lighter like flowcord? Any tips are appreciated

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Posted:Nothing wrong with using the nylon rope. They'll always be stiffer than flowcord, but I prefer the lack of stretch for heavier poi (80mm, 90mm, 100mm stage balls and such), and I feel that they generally work better for stuff like manipulations, contact and tosses.

As for handle weight, in my experience it doesn't seem to matter overly much. I've seen peeps do contact with 1:1 handle:head weight ratios and peeps with no weight other than the PX3 and the knot, and a whole range of ratios in between.

Personally, I started out using a handle that was 1/3 as heavy as the poi head (for 80mm that was around 6-7 washers I think - although this depends on how thick your washers are ahahaha tongue2 ) for no particular reason. Nowadays I don't add any extra weight to my handles, mainly because of floatier and slower tosses.

Most hardware stuff really is just preference though, so your mileage may vary. I would suggest trying out a whole bunch of different options to find what you like, if you have the time and money.

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Posted:Sweet thanks for the tips! But I've played with them some more and the poi just rotates slower than I would like it to when I do tosses, so should I use more weight??



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Posted:Yes if you want the handles to spin faster add more weight personally I like the timmehtech handle setup 2 px3"s or 2 pom grips each with a hex nut in the lower handle...kinda large set up tho if you've got dainty hands :-X

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