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Posted:Hi i have just started fire breathing i know its bad for me and all that. i play it safe i use paffine wax witch i think is better i wipe my face after i spit and take a swig i have a fire safty person with me. i am ok at i like to practice but i have to stop becuse i get a chemical burn on the bottom of my lips i think i am just still inexperianced. But after a week i am back at it. i would like to work on my form any tips on how to make my plume ( i think thats what the fire ball is called) bigger longer maybe some east tricks to practice. it sucks becuse there is not a bunch of fire breathers out there for me to learn from any tips and advice will help. (PLEASE IF YOU DONT BREATH FIRE DONT WRITE ON THIS

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Posted:the size and length depends on how much is in your mouth and how much of it you expel at once (kinda obvious) and my only advice for that would be practice with water as much as possible (i often do it in the shower) and see what you can figure out
for length of time fire breathing (which allows you to take away the ignition point like this https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc3/970156_478252288925903_314549224_n.jpg
which is what i aimed for when learning) try first using less fuel and see how long you can do it for with or without taking away the ignition flame, you'll figure out the amount of pressure you need that way then go back to using the amount of fuel youre currently using before increasing that slowly until you find a nice sweet spot

1) when experimenting with extending time length you will likely dribble a bit so be sure to have something to wipe off excess
2) i dont know how much fuel you currently have in your mouth, by 'using less fuel' i used about a shot of paraffin
3) if the flame hits your lips/tongue stop exhaling immediately and i recommend a bit of vasaline in case this happens
4) as always, if its possible to find someone to teach you in person then do it, even if it means travelling a little bit to do so

as for tricks, i only go for 1 quick burst that takes the audience by surprise while using poi, the rest of the time i generally use the end of a staff when only 1 end has gone out. still working on other things to bring a bit of firebreathing to

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Posted:Hay thanks for the advice man.


Posted:Thanks for the tips


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