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Posted:i bought the new stealth ninja v3s. i love em. only problem is im used to spinning contact poi and the weight on the ninja just isnt doin it for me. i really dnt wanna just glue a bunch of washers to the bottom of the ninjas. any ideas on how to make them heavier without throwing off the balance? i dnt want em to be wobbly either.

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Posted:Justin, you can try to make additional mass using silicone sealant.
You can get nice hedgehog-style poi smile like these:

Non-Https Image Link

Non-Https Image Link

To do this find silicone sealant like this one:
br>Use only transparent acetate silicone.
Cut the nose to get 10-mm (3/8") diameter.

Then apply the nose to the surface, press out small portion sealant and carefully remove the nose (perpendicular to the surface)

It's a bit tricky, so first train to do it on some other surface.
After some train you can do the same with your Ninja poi.

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