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I am interested in buying poi to start training spins.
However, I have no idea which is the most recomended. Derek Faughn's Poi (cone poi, I guess?) look very interesting, but still I have trouble finding the most recommended poi and which kind of handles to go for.

Can I please get some advice? Thank you all.

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Sock Poi are very good for beginners or advanced alike!

They are so easy to get used to. They are made of soft, stretchy, almost panty house like/silk material.

Also a cheap choice (run you about 7$ canadian) !

You can then advance to any other type you'd like to try!

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Definitly agree with brandon. get some cheap sock poi first and see how you get on. they are versatile and there isnt really anything they cant do so after a few months you want to go down a certain route with your equipment thats when id say try other things smile hope that helps!

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Try different ones out. you might like a sock poi or even led light ones so you can still spin at night. try different lengths and different weights. this will help the transition to fire poi.
I have been twirling for years. im always getting my nieces and nephew to poi with me. we get tennis balls and put them in stockings and cut them different lengths. they are the best sock ones i have. doesnt matter if i loose one or one gets wet. i can cut them for a faster shorter poi. or keep them long for bigger movements.

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my personal opinion is that it's all based on personal preference. when i first got into poi i tried using both sock and cord. though you can often times do more with socks i still opted for the cord due to both comfort and my want to progress into spinning fire

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Sock poi's the best way to get started smile after that it depends on you which one you want to use.

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I would agree with everyone above saying Sock Poi. Sock poi and cord or chain poi all have a different feel to them. Sock Poi tend to be easier to practice new moves with because the stretch factor with them. Well that's my personal opinion anyway.. But I would get both sock poi and LED Poi so you can still practice at night.

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Its more fun to make your own sock poi IMO, you just need long socks with a bag of rice/lentils at the toe to weigh them down, however I learned back in 2005 with sports socks rolled up into a ball and stuffed into the toe of a medium to long sock!

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I would go with sock or cone poi. (Both of which are available in the HoP shop.)

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I gotta agree, sock poi. I first bought tail poi, because I was new they constantly tangled up, even now I don't use tails to practice moves on, I haven't got the patience for them. Sock poi will usually untangle just by pulling them.

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Sock Poi tend to be easier to practice new moves with because the stretch factor with them. Well that's my personal opinion anyway.

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colorful socks i think are a good way to go. You get to see your flow...

Optumes PrimeBRONZE Member
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I would say go for some juggling poi with swivle attachment to it. But when i spin fire i use double loops. The practice poi i think can free your mind more to understand whats best for fire. But, its up to what you would like.

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is it uncommon to find a teacher to learn how to spin. I would like to look for one but don't want to seem dumb for askng someone if its something your supposed to learn and figure out on your own. I also pole dance and where I live you teach your self. but there are places you can go to learn. I don't know if they might have that for spinning as well.

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CookieBoss, it shouldn't be too hard to fid other spinners to learn from, but there are places in the world where there aren't many spinners.

In every spinning community I know there is a tradition of teaching each other moves. Not everyone likes teaching but mostly people are OK with helping out with moves, tips, etc...

The best way to learn is go to a juggling/spinning festival/convention where there will be lots of people to learn from and lots of workshops to attend.

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Hi id just like to ask a question as im a newbie here , ive uploaded a pic for the super hero pic comp but it hasn't appeared in the entries page yet ?
Thanks for any advice

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