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Posted:Hi Guys

I know this may sound like a silly question but do lycra Sock Poi eventually stretch permanently? The reason I ask is because ive had a pair for around 4 months now and I noticed at first I only needed to wrap them around my fingers 3 times before they were short enough to do a buzzsaw, but thats now increased to 4 or maybe even 5 times.

Have they stretched forever? frown

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Posted:ah theres no such thing as a silly question, just silly answers tongue2

eventually they stretch far enough to cause ladders and/or holes to develop. ive been meaning to replace mine for just this reason, my only reason not to do it is i really like the pattern on them haha (i recommend avoiding doing hyperloops a lot as thats probably what caused mine to get destroyed)

note: happened over the course of 2-3yrs and me spinning a lot at higher speeds. slower spinning will reduce stretching so theyll last a looot longer

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