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Posted:Hey guys, first post here and really digging the community so far. I've been a stringer for about a year or so now, and haven't really bothered to make a video until now. I feel that I've hit a plateau and would some suggests as to where to go from here, any feedback appreciated. Thank you smile

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Posted:Well as a place to start, there are a whole bunch of different wallplane flower variations that you could learn. Play around with different timings and directions (near the end of your vid you did a split time opposite 4-petal antispin), you could do stuff like split time same direction, and isolate through the middle instead of doing the extra flower, or you could tunnel/thread through and get a whole 4 petal antispin in the wallplane, or you can alternate between anti and inspin, or you could do stuff like stalling at the point of the antispin flower. Definitely a wide range of things you can do with flowers there.

Or you could get some handles on your poi and get into tosses and manips grin

(or yanno, just make some contact poi tongue2 )

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