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Forums > Meet Others > Any Alaskans floatin around? =)

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Posted:Just got back into poi and wondering if there is anyone in Anchorage to practice with/learn from =D
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Posted:During the warmer weather there is a group of people that meet on wednesday at 6ish. The meet at the "town center" next to the fifth avenue mall. It's the Alaska Fire Circus, and I'm sure next summer they would happily accept more people.

Might want to check on a not so snowy wednesday but I'm pretty sure they only meet during summer.


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Posted:sweet... ill be in fairgounds doing a summer job... gonna need to meet up XD..

No i will not do this for you....***looks at cookie*** ok ok.. ill do it but that beter be a damn macadamia nut cookie!!


Posted:I'm in Juneau if you ever stop through (our state is so huge :P) It would be totally rad to have another person around here who spins.


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Posted:I live in Wasilla, but I drive to UAA for classes. It'd be awesome to meet up with other spinners. smile


Posted:In anchorage, meet downtown park strip at 10th and N st. Friday at 11pm usually.. email me akjohndoe@live.com so far its just a few of my friends, we have poi, a torch and a fire sword as well.. come add your poi


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