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Posted:Hello, I have just started on spinning LED Fans and I am having problems with the stem of the fans rubbing on my knuckles as they spin. Does anyone have any suggestions to prevent this issue? Thanks

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Posted:i have a similar problem with poi thats left blisters on my fingers, best solution ive found is gloves though they can make for less control at times, my mate's advice was allow for some blistering to take place then let it heal and continue doing it like that for a while -a callus will develop eventually, though it can be painful when its developing it is worth it in the long run

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Posted:I know older post here.

But my thought for you is you can add on Bowlers Tape to the finger hole. If you use the smooth type tape not the grip style. It can save your fingers some wear and tear.

Just about any good bowling ally pro shop will carry multiple types of bowlers tape. Me personally I would use the Brunswick brand. The super cheap stuff doesn't last long. Hope that helps.


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