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Posted:Ello fire dancers near and far. i have been searching the internet and i have notices something that sorta saddens my heart. every fire sword seems to be that of a katana or a scimitar. this saddens me. is there no love for more western swords like an english or irish broard sword? or the fencing sabers of spain? i would love to find a western style fire sword for my group because we have not done fire sword due to only finding katanas. about the closest we have found to a west weapon for fire dancing was trick concepts battle ax. we tend to do mock combat with fire so we are trying to find that western sword bad. any advice people?
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Posted:Easiest method would be to make your own, I reckon. I've seen a really over the top, almost cartoony fire broadsword that was basically a metal cutout welded to a hilt, with a sheet of kevlar wrapped and sewn on to it.

That, and most peeps selling fire gear probably take custom orders too.

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Posted:Make your own. It'll work out cheaper, and you'll know how it's constructed should it need repairs.
Thing is, fire katanas are just as similar to actual katanas as to european broad swords. Therefore, you may as well just try using european sword techniques with the katana fire swords (admittedly quite a few techniques such as half swording http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Half-sword
won't work without some preparation i.e. welders gloves?)


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