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Posted:Hi Everyone

I'm new here and new to poi so hello everyone!

So anyway, I have these poi

and I am very new to spinning poi and as a result tend to hit myself with them quite alot! Anyway, now when they take a slight bashing the leds turn out but I can turn them back on by clicking the button.

I have tried opening them up and pushing the contacts closer to the batteries with a screwdriver and I don't think its working.

Have I busted them for good? Because I really like them!

Thanks for any input!

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Posted:this has happened occasionally to me to using similar (if not the same) poi, my guess is that if it is hit the battery is disconnected at one of the ends and therefore turns it off -while i cant say for sure if this is a problem with the poi, current solution for me is learning to incorporate it into the act by swinging the 'dead' poi into my hand while doing a flower/triquetra with the 'live' one so it doesnt look too out of place, then turn it on and try bring it back into the routine as seemlessly as possible

if you find a way of fixing them properly then please post it here smile

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Posted:Hi thanks, I have decided to invest in some different poi from this site instead of trying to fix these ones!


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