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Posted:Hello everyone. I don't think I've posted on here before tongue2 Kinda forgot about it for a while. Anyway, I am trying to get back into the hang of things and I was wondering if anybody in New Zealand would mind teaching me. I'm open to learn new things and new ways of spinning. I got my holiday work visa and I am going to be in New Zealand on the 27th. If anyone wants to spin or just hang out, let me know! Take care!

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Posted:Hi there !
I live in Auckland and I spin with poi, I don't pretend I can teach you anything but I'd be happy to juggle with you smile
Raphaelle - 02108440533


Posted:That would be awesome! I am limited in juggling but it's really fun to do so I would be more than happy to! I will contact you when I get there. Have many a good day!


Posted:I will Teach you if you are in the country smile
My number is 0210681657

I have a few old videos on youtube if you wanna see a bit of my style.


cheers. Natalie.

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