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Posted:So, I recently started to learn the art of fire-eating (after much reasearch) and today I ate my first flame!!!!!!! laugh3 Anyway, tomorrow I am getting braces on the top and bottom, and I was wondering if anyone has had any success eating fire with braces...I know there's a slim chance, but I really love this, and don't want to be set back a couple years.
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Posted:best bet is consulting the orthodontist (who will likely advise against it, but ask them for no bs details on why not)

was halfway through saying stuff to consider but theyre mostly obvious (deterioration of braces, risk of fire wand catching on braces etc) but due to not having any experience myself i'll leave that to other commenters and the orthodontist -just make sure to ask questions, even if they might seem dumb/obvious

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Posted:It looks like very interesting.Hope you have a good time in the future!

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Posted:wow,fire-eating is a dangerous activity, i want to know how long u can master well? Some course will be better i though.

, best for you.