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Posted:How heavy are your sock poi?

Wondering how much weight should I out into my newly bought sock poi? I don't want them too bouncy, but heavy enough to be stabile.
How do you fill in your dried beans (or whatever you use), but them in a sock with a knot on and then inside the sock poi or?


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Posted:safe i have a few a diff weights betwwen 90g - 140g, depends what you want, the heavier they are the slower they will spin but the more momentum they will have when there faster, also better for iso's. i fill balloons with rice or sand, i use a funnel and chopstick plus once you have it at your required weight suck the air out of the balloon then tie it, i feel this gives you a nicer ball (not necessary its my personal preference really. then i also but that balloon into another balloon so i can just stick the poi in the wash without taking the balls out (easier when you have weighted handles)

hope that helps




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Posted:I use 110 gram juggling balls in my poi.

If I'm feeling particularly lazy then I'll use a shop bought ball, otherwise I'll make my own using the patterns here.

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Posted:Rubber raquet balls (not tennis balls, the smaller rubber ones) are always easy... you can fill them up with beans (i use lentils). Just make a small cut and squeeze it make the opening wider. You can glue it shut but its not necessary. They're pretty sturdy. You can even feed knotted rope through with a fishing swivel on one side and a washer on the other to clip onto your ropes. Cost about $3 for 3. Just made some fresh ones today.


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Posted:I like 100 grams. I use 14 inch balloons with water in them. They do not pop because the balloon could expand to a much greater size than the water takes up. Really 100g of water is a lot less than you would think. My last balloons lasted me 6 months of daily spinning

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