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Posted:What helps you get over, or calm down when or if you get a little frustrated when you're practicing poi or other arts?

I'm just curious as to what helps other people out.

Personally I'll try and lay back and meditate for a short moment, or y'know.. have a nice cigarette break.


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Posted:a cigarette helps a little. though what i find helps a little to settle said frustration is to go back to what you already know and have down for a little while before challenging yourself again with something new. i find myself doing it constantly. only drawback is you occasionally find yourself spending longer than you want to in your "comfort zone"

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Posted:first off i push myself to try just ignore the frustration, if that doesnt work then stick on a random song i like and either go to simple moves or have a cig/rest, once the song is done im usually frustration free and able to jump back in to whatever it was

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Posted:It all depends on what you are doing. Chill with some moves you have down solid and then go into research mode...

Calmly and slowly attempt the new move and take note where it breaks down. Is it your left hand?right wrist? Tangles inthe tails etc.

If you can isolate that aspect of the move and repeat til you have it solid. This may mean only spinning one poi for a while as you train the part of your body that isn't as solid.

It might merely mean using sock poi instead of tailed poi etc etc etc.

Does that help?

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Posted:I usually try to break the movement down more until the place I am messing up presents itself.

Other than that, if your really frustrated, why not spin poi. It can be very relaxing. laugh3

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Posted:cigarette helps a little but go out and try to find the solution.I these days my mom is living with me.I like to share with her.



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Posted:I simply go to my bed room and take a deep sleep of about 10 hours over my foam bed mattress and get ready for the next though task.



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Posted:I listen to my favorite songs playlist while laying on my bed and go to sleep without any worries.
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