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Hi. I'm relatively new to poi, but I know a few basic moves. My brother has been trying to teach me to do a reverse three beat weave, and he's having me spin my poi backwards, but when I cross them over my body I end up spinning them forwards. I don't know why it happens but it just does, ahaha. Any suggestions?

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Try fist to spin backwards with boths hands and Poi together,
than try the same but with hands a little bit apart from each

When you got this, you can try to alternate the timing
to get the backward 2 beat weave first.

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The best advice I received on this topic seemed really dense to me at the time, but actually worked great, so I'll share in case it's any help.

To start just spin both poi forward (split time), and then turn your body to face the opposite direction while the poi continue spinning the same way. Do this as many times as it takes for it to be easy, which will probably not be long. Remember to practice turning to the right and left.

Then just do the same starting with a forward three beat weave instead of split time forward and try turning your body in the same way. Try to feel what the poi naturally do with their momentum. You probably won't get it immediately, but after working on the backwards weave for a few days this trick was the kick in the pants I needed to actually nail it.

Good luck, happy spinning.


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When you spin backwards your arms cross under. The minute you switch to crossing over arm you'll be back in forwards.

Another good thing that helps me is to be mindful of the direction they're spinning in. I know that sound obvious! But if I spin backwards I concentrate on the wall behind me and it help me not only stay in the right direction but especially later for turning and behind the back moves.

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