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Posted:I've only just made my sock poi but watched many video's. Looks so much easier than it really is, even the basic moves. I learn things ok, even though I am no youngster. Learn't to ice skate this year and 2 years ago, learn't to fly r/c helicopters which isn't easy. So my question is, what is the success rate for learning poi? It looks so good and relaxing, I really want to be ale to master this. Not to be a pro but to be good.


If you make a mistake and learn from it, that's progress.

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Posted:Success rate? Anybody who is willing to stick with practicing poi, doesn't mind hitting themselves and just keeps practicing will have a 100% success rate.

All of the failed peeps just weren't dedicated enough.

EDIT: If you're having trouble with the basic moves, don't worry about it and just keep on practicing. You just haven't built up the coordination required to manipulate the poi to make those moves happen. Once you do, they'll be a breeze and you'll wonder why you even had a problem doing it in the first place.

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Posted:Well, (sits cross-legged in a cave on the mountain), that depends on how you define success...

If you define success by enjoying yourself when you do poi, you have already succeeded...

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Location: London
Member Since: 26th Nov 2012
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Posted:Thank you, 2 good answers. I am certainly someone who keeps trying beaniebob and although I have bruises in areas I could do without, (if you get my drift), I can sustain a 3 beat weave for about 30 seconds so really chuffed.
You're right Charles, I am enjoying myself if someone what tender so I have succeeded.

Thank you.

If you make a mistake and learn from it, that's progress.

Trybal Wolf
Trybal Wolf

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Posted:Although not related to the success rate, one thing that can help you stick with it is to get soft poi. Try using water baloons or beanbags for weight.

May the flow be with you.

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Posted:Yup Practice Practice Practice!

Well more like: Practice, bruises, practice, more bruises, discover poi spinning idol (Nick Woolsey), do what Nick says, get much better but then hit plateau nearly give up but DON'T, go to convention make massive leap forward and think you are master, someone ups the game with a new technique, practice, new bruises in places you never thought possible, practice, new technique becomes old hat, think you're good enough to teach, try to do basic moves and find you can't anymore, keep practicing because the need to spin is now in your bones and you need it like you need oxygen.

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Posted:I'd say progress, as in mastering a move/pattern, should be messured in weeks. Variety helps keep you sane smile Don't be afraid of going back to the basics, even if you are into the advanced patterns. Another tip: like the great Nick Woolsey and his friends pointed out, take 10 minutes, and just whack yourself and get used to it. lol