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Posted:Hi here's a clip from the double staff that was filmed at a birthday party with my friends.Your opinions would be interesting to me. It is not prepared performance and simply improvisation under music.

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Posted:Nice moves. Maybe think of some direct sets with their own flavours? It seems you do some cool stuff every now and thewn and then spin them fast in circles as a default setting that detracs from what you have just done.

EG consider one set full of hard lines, 90 degree turns and no full rotations at all.

Another set could be flowing, but keep the staves a little seperate, eg, one doing rotations around your head horizontally and the other by your waist doing vertical work.

Those two sets would look very distinct, and allow no spinners to appreciuate some of the subtlety of the moves...

Of course, it's not prepared, and these are preparation comments...

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