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Posted:This is going to sound really stuck up and I'll probably get flamed but it's something that's been on my mind for a while.

After spending a weekend at clapham or even just a day down in brixton I find that when I go back to my non juggling/spinny friends that things sometimes get a little strained. Jokes that would have gone on for hours with juggly people get a giggle then drop to the ground, people can't catch (not that jugglers can catch things anyway), if I go to turn the key in someone to make them work again I just get a weird look, and the energy and vitality that I get from the whole scene is missing, and they have green rizzla which is just terrible.
I still love my friends and love to hang out with them but sometimes it's a bit of a struggle for the first day back in "normal" life.
and althougth I know it's sacralige to try and do ping/pong outside of the scene I've tried to teach some friends of mine becuase it just makes life easier and no one gets it.

I know this sounds really moany and no I don't think I'm somehow better than my friends now. I just feel that I've met so many cool people not one of whom I don't like since becoming a fire spinner that it's weird meeting people who don't have the same kind of outlook.
there's not really a point to this but it's been kind of freaking me out that it takes a while to connect with my other friends now.


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Posted:I've yet to encounter this 'ping' thing of which you speak...



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Posted:quote: Id do some kick ass move infront of my civilian freids and theyd just go 'ug, yes, very nice.' and Id be left sayinf 'Dont you see what this MEANS?', They also get very tired of me goin 'oohohohoh, you gotta see this new move...'
annoying isn't it.

I heard the same, that green are between red and blue. I think they just plain suck, green Swan is the way forward.

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Posted:i find that my non apin ammtes will still try but ihavent tried to teach them much at all, just enought on teh diabolo to get them throughing it in the air, but they seem cool about it, i know that my, mates are cool enougt to know when i spin they tell me to put it away, but at times they just let me do it to look cool...ill tech thema trick soon so they get hooked!

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