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Posted:just a little vid of me spinning the ninja v3s. please like and comment!

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Posted:Nice? Can't really comment on wraps, but that everything looked pretty clean and nice. Dem straightjackets could probably do with a bit of work as well as those inspin flowers around the 4 minute mark.

Aside from that, perhaps you could make a vid with some lights on next time? Light trails and persistence of vision is all nice and good when you're watching in person, but cameras make it look choppy and I'd much rather see what's happening with your hands and the rest of your body, yo.

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Posted:thanks for the comment man, and yeah im looking to make a much better vid soon i didnt really put much time into this one just kinda turned the camera on hoping everything would come out nicley but i have gotten much better with the v3s now that im more used to the weight. and your right def need more lighting.