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Posted:Hello all I am wayne... Just moved out here from New Mexico and Im looking for some new people to spin some fire with.. Maybe start a troop or something... Drop me a line on myspace
br>or send me an e-mail at ""

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Posted:You're about 10 years too late for me too, but I still have many old friends and coworkers out there who keep me up to date on the goings on. You know da kine! smile

Try to get out and network in the scene, the two hot spots where someone would know where to find such happenings are at The Shop in Honolulu and at Camera Obscura/Bat Cave @ The Loft. Oahu has a very tight knit, ohana style scene and the old timers do know what's up because I recently asked them about it should I manage a visit.

Good luck on your search and hope you get to meet many of the awesome people who made Hawaii da bomb!

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Posted:Still living in Oahu?


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