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This will be a perfect time to learn a new prop, soak in amazing sights. It's going to be an incredible experience for all of us spinners and ninjas. Hope to see you there. smile

Ken Hill Nunchaku/ Staff Workshop

From March 4 - 10 2013, fire nunchaku innovator and performer, Ken Hill, is coming to teach a week of exciting nunchaku workshops (aka "Nunchuks"). Included will also be Martial Arts Flow and Staff classes. These workshops are perfect for anyone who would like to step into the world of nunchaku and fire nunchaku. Beginners will learn the foundations which will open up the possibilities for hundreds of moves. Advanced nunchaku spinners will be challenged with theories and tricks that are signature of the Flowpulse style.

The workshop will include 6 nights of accommodation at a private resort, 2 hours of instruction every morning and 2 hours of practice time and personal instruction every afternoon, Monday through Friday. Also included is a waterfall hike, a boat trip to the beautiful Isla Tortuga with snorkeling, a Friday night fire show in Montezuma in which you can show off your new moves in front of a crowd (optional but awesome!), transportation from town each day (only 1/2 km, but up a steep hill), some built in down time to hit the beach, canopy tour, go surfing, etc., and more. Meals will not be included but villas have full kitchens available to you and we may cook together a bit on the community bbq.

Classes will be held on a hilltop overlooking Montezuma with an inspirational ocean view.

The curriculum will include but won't be limited to the following:

Learning the advantages of each type of nunchaku (chain, string, tapered, shorter, longer, etc.)
Understanding how to capitalize symmetry of two sticks between chain.
How to transition moves from other props (staff, poi).
The core ways to interact with nunchaku (pass, roll, bounce, sym-x cross, illusions, etc.
Timing: Redirecting/stopping/building flow
Footwork, footwork, footwork!
Accentuating expression through body awareness
Capitalizing on drops and also accidental chain catches
Tapping in to the pulse inside of you so your movements speak your story.
Creating chains of combined endless flow patterns
Performance tips

The Flowpulse nunchaku style has several move sets that are broken into styles much like how martial arts has various flavors.

Hyper Style – High speed, staccato, redirective style.
Snake Style – Visually connected style where the nunchaku appears to be slithering across the body)
Illusionary Style – Creation of patterns and movements that betray the eye.
Doubles – Spinning two nunchaku at once.
Face Style – A high speed flow with emphasis on big circles on the faceplace (front plane)
Aerial Style – A fluid juggling style for those who like to keep the nunchaku in the air.

There are over 230 Nunchaku Moves. Here are a few that will be covered:

Figure 8 Wrist Rolls
Neck Passes
Sunwaves / Moonwaves
Rips and Riptide Redirects
Chain Grab Aerials
Kicks while spinning

Add Martial Flow and Staff: Ken melded various forms of martial arts with spinning philosophies to create an expressive flow style. The martial technique will be taught with the flow counterpart. This flow style is perfect for any spinner looking to unlock a deeper understanding of footwork, body mechanics, and manipulating energy from the center outward. The additional staff classes will take several nunchaku techniques and cross them over. You will learn the relationship between these two instruments and also exciting new moves to add a 'ninja' flavor into your staff spinning.

Find out more information or register here...

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