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I've been doing windmills for a while now, but I only recently saw myself doing them from the side. When I did, I realized that, when the poi are in front of me, my plane is more or less exactly vertical, but that when they are behind me, the poi are actually at about a 45 degree angle to the ground. Does anyone know how I might go about correcting that?

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Posted:Do exactly what you've been doing - look at your planes sideways in the mirror and work on being able to feel exactly where your poi are in relation to your hands (and by extension the plane that they will be travelling on). Also try standing with your back to a wall and doing your windmill, while moving slowly backwards - either your poi will hit the wall, or your planes will flatten out to a smaller angle.

As you practice your spinning, you can take moments to maybe just close your eyes and try to feel where the poi are, and visualise how the planes are oriented relative to you, and just experiment with moving the poi slightly differently to understand how your movements will affect the path of the poi.

It's worth noting that the more vertical the plane at the front is, the more slanted the plane at the back is, and that's just due to the fact that your body is in the way. This is the same with weaves, reels, crossers and every single move which requires the poi to cross from one side of the body to the other.

You don't need to focus too much on making the planes as close together as possible, but rather your own ability to feel and know where your planes are without needing to look, and to be able to control your planes to exactly where you want them to be. This will help out in pretty much all aspects of your spinning, since plane control is essential for EVERYTHING in poi.

Not kidding about the everything. Learn plane control.

Don't forget to have fun too! ^-^

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Posted:Will do! Thanks for the response.


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Posted:i've always had more success with recording and reviewing my spins than i have watching myself in a mirror. for me it's easier to review it in full and then go back and try again than to watch the mirror while i'm trying to do it, most of the time at least. something to try if you don't already.



Posted:I find my self sort of pushing and pulling my hand backwards or forwards a little while spinning poi to keep straight planes, especially when doing split time hip reels.