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Posted:I have gotten several people together here in San Antonio Texas (right now 7 people, and growing just about every day) that are interested in learning Poi.

We are all new to this (none of us have done it before), and want to learn and grow together. We are all the type that are approaching this from a spiritual standpoint.

If you are in San Antonio and would like to get together with us please let me know.

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Posted:san antonio huh im in san antonio and we have a practice night on monday at sams burger joint
in fact thats where i just came home from give us a call273-9896 this is richerds #

wazzzzzzzzup all im sundance from san antonio i dont know alot of you but i hope to get to know you better on here if your in san antonio write me a i.m. laters.........sundance



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Posted:Hi. I am new and looking for some instruction on this. Is there anyone in San Antonio that gives lessons. I found a lady online that gives lessons in Austin but I can't make it out there after work. Thanks.


The Shark

The Shark

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Posted:I live in Austin and host a poi meetup if you are interested in driving to Austin:)

Who's laughing now you obnoxious drunks from Queens?


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