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Posted:Good morning guys and gals, my names Ali and Im interested in finding, or setting up, a Flowwand (levistick) group in Melbourne.

Ive been playing around with the Flowwand for almost two years now, since I bought one off Mezze Flame at Spinfest 2011. Ive got a couple of regular wands, a large white LED one (Ive taken it to few doofs recently and Maitreya 2012, Boom 2012, the Eclipse and Strawberry Fields 2012, so maybe you've seen that flying around) and Ive got a double ended fire one on order (very excited).

Probably due to it being such a new circus toy, Ive not seen groups of people playing around with them and Im assuming theres not a regular group meeting around the inner north of Melbourne (Collingwood, Fitzroy, Brunswick, Northcote, Thornbury, Coburg, etc etc etc).

Soooooooooo, Im interested in finding some folk interested in showing off what they can already do and opening it up to people who are interested in getting into wand. Im by no means an expert, but Id be delighted to show others what Ive been learning.

So if youve heard of any groups, or youre interested in setting one up, in Edinburgh Gardens perhaps, get in touch on the forum or via my Google Plus page .

Looking forward to hearing from you!!!

Ali x

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