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I've been doing poi for a month or two now, and I find myself stuck. I've gotten to the point where my two, three and five beat weaves are consistent, I can turn with the weaves easily, I can do windmill, fountain, butterfly and wraps, and my flowers are getting better. However, I'm really unsure where to go from here, as all the moves I can find seem to far outside of my skill level now. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Posted:I notice you haven't mentioned hip and shoulder reels. Learn those, because they're nice. Also maybe search up the 4 beat windmill fountain thingy on, because it's much nicer than a fountain. Stalls are cool and fun, and a good way to transition or change directions especially with fire where you might not want to do wraps all that often. Pendulums are also great, and they have a very different pace and feel from what peeps normally do with poi.

There's a really large range of stuff that you can do. Look for tutorials from places like Playpoi or Drexfactor and all I can say is just pick something you think looks nice, and stick with practicing it.

Also I want to put this out there - There really isn't such a thing as a move being "outside your skill level". It's all just practice, and if you think a move is too hard for you it's not that you're not good enough to do it, but that you haven't practiced it enough, or you haven't tried it before. smile

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Posted:ditto to bob's post.

i might also suggest trying out some basic throws. you may or may not like them, but when i was at a similar point in my practice they gave a breath of fresh air and motivation. they also really helped with my coordination and control.



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Posted:I've learnt that I'd you keep practicing you will learn new moves and variations on your own and start to figure out how certain things connect. Especially with different flowers. I like playing with corkscrews, reels, and crossers I think they are so pretty and fun. Chasing the sun is a fun one to learn also would suggest the "matrix" corkscrew move or zans diamond (I think that's what it is called)