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Hey fellow Spinners!

So...I am a hooper down to my soul and only recently found the addiction around a year ago. I love fire hooping and get more and more comfortable with fire every time. I love all circus skills and wish I could learn everything, I can do a little poi and have recently found a major fascination with fire fans...they are beautiful and more than impressive.

It's something that I am desperate to learn...but do I buy fire fans straight away and get comfortable before playing with fire or is there an alternative to buy? If I go for fire fans right away...which ones? I love the look of the lotus fire fans but for a newbie is this too much?

Keep in mind that I am a broke backpacker and only spend my money on hoops/kerosene/poi etc. So anything I buy needs to be the right choice...hence the advice needed. ANY advice is welcome and if anyone who is in Alberta, Canada wants to swap hoop skills for fan skills please contact me!!!!

Thanks guys, spread the hoop love and keep on spinning!x

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i practice fans with an unwicked fan from the hop shop. light for travel and graceful. Taking that inexpensive option gives you the chance to see how it fits with your dance and flow without risking a huge investment. the large "classic" five fingered fan is definitely my favourite, due to the nice buzzsaws possible with the finger loop in the middle - that fan can be bought with no wicks smile

also, HAPPY PREEMPTIVE WELCOME TO FAN-TOPIA! where all the puns are fan-ny

Laugh Often, Smile Much, Post lolcats Always

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I ended up buying a medium pair of lotus fans but now Im a little worried as they don't have the finger hold that most fans seem to have....I didnt realise this before! I'm not entirely sure how to hold them or if I can even do spins with them....anyone used them and have any suggestions?! Thanks.

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I was going to say, the first thing I started fan spinning with were coat hangers. Not even modified, straight-up coat hangers.

The lotus fans are really heavy and are meant for belly dancers. The also have a lot of flame for newbies.

The best fans I have ever seen or used are Grimm's Design. Super light and easy to make. Basically twisting wire into a fan shape however you want.

As for Russian fans, or fans with only one large ring, I just stick three finger in the ring. Finger transfers are super easy. Spins aren't bad at all, just even more off weighted. Actually, they are very similar to spinning coat hangers.

I should totally start coat hanger spinning tutorials. lol.

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Please note there are two types of Lotus fans we sell on HOP one set is the large Lotus fan design (the heavier, wider version) The newer medium Lotus fans we have kept the weight down compared to the larger design by using a thinner spring steel for the frames average amount of wick so not toooo full on for beginners. Also the Lotus shape is smaller and more compact so a very different design from the large heavier version. There is almost 200 grams difference in weight from the medium 2" wicked lotus design compared to the 2" large Lotus design so the medium design is considerably lighter. Also Hope that helps clarify the two designs. Oh and also the medium has the large ring design but with an added handle extension section also for more comfort when holding especially when learning.
Then also the kit versions, non wicked etc etc and other designs.

Happy spinning


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